Planet Hunters around the world are reading about all things galactic. David’s books for children and adults have been translated into Croatian, Greek, Japanese, Italian, South Korean and Slovenian.

He is an award winning author and illustrator of seven National Geographic books including: “PLANETS, STARS, AND GALAXIES: A Visual Encyclopedia of Our Universe, “11 Planets”, “SUPER STARS”, “13 PLANETS” and the “Kid’s BIG BOOK of Space”. Newly releases include “ALIEN WORLDS: YOUR GUIDE TO EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE ” & ‘SPACE ENCYCLOPEDIA”.

He is a past director of the Fiske Planetarium and Science Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and past director of Marketing for Ball Aerospace. His other credits include "Evolution",  a PBS Emmy-winning NOVA series and "Alien Faces" for “The UNIVERSE” series on the Discovery Channel Network.

American Astronomical Society - AAS

International Association of Astronomical Artists - IAAA

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators - SCBWI

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